Relevant Courses

Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning
Introduction to Computational Intelligence, Introduction to Neural Networks and Applications, Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence, Computational Intelligence & Game Theory, Markov Decision Processes, Reinforcement Learning, Clustering Algorithms, Adaptive Signal Processing Algorithms

Signal Processing
Signal and System, Communication & Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing Algorithms

Computer Networks and Wireless Networks
Introduction to Internet, Network Theory, Advanced Communication Network, ATM Network, Next Generation Network, High Speed Networks, Network Performance Analysis, Intelligent Telecommunications Network Model using NS-2 (Instructor), Wireless Networks, Advanced Topics in Wireless Network, Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor, Networks Specifications of WCDMA WCDMA HSDPA: Protocols and Physical Layer (Qualcomm University, 2007),  WCDMA HSUPA: Protocols and Physical Layer (Qualcomm University, 2007)

Theory of Communications, Communication Systems, Communication Systems Design, Digital Communication, Digital Communication Systems, Digital Communications Media (TA), Advanced Topics in Communication, Detection Theory, Error Control Coding

Radio Engineering
Introduction to Radio Engineering, Basic Radio Engineering Lab (I, II), Electricity & Magnetism, Microwave Engineering, Microwave Circuit, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Antenna Engineering

Electric and Electrical Circuits Circuit Theory
Digital Logic Circuit, Introduction to Computer Engineering (Instructor), Basic Electronic Engineering, Electronic Circuits (I, II), Medical Electronics

Random Process (I, II) and a lot more